Why so many supercars have Montana license plates

1987 Porsche 911 that bought on Bring a Trailer on July 26 changed into a coupe so dreamy that overdue founder Ferdinand Porsche might be sorry to have missed it.

Its diamond blue metallic paint—a hue so diffused that at some angles, it appeared lavender—and throaty three.

Three-liter flat-six engine were enough to deliver $141,000 and extra than one hundred twenty remarks on its list.

.Close observers might additionally have observed a element a long way extra polarizing than the semi-lavender paint process: The Turbo came with “a easy Montana title within the name of the vendor’s LLC,” the listing said.

In positive circles, Montana registration is a touchy difficulty. The exercise of registering a collectible car there, regardless of wherein it is positioned in fact, is carried out with a purpose to avoid paying taxes and shirk emissions requirements.

And it has attracted masses of detractors. “The human beings who have Montana license plates are like the people who put the faux handicap badges in their vehicle,” says Paul Zuckerman, an legal professional in Los Angeles and avid car collector.

“They’re scum.” “I can’t accept as true with so many customers have gotten away with this grift,” says Alex Ross, who owns Sharkwerks, a excessive-overall performance automotive tuning save in Fremont, Calif.

Why so many supercars have Montana license plates