When will it rain again in the UK amid drought fears?

The recent record-breaking heatwave has already pushed certain areas into the first of four drought categories

– known as ‘prolonged dry weather’ – and many have also been hit by the first hosepipe bans since 2012 – amid concerns over supply and the lack of rainfall.

With the Environment Agency (EA) warning the country could be placed in the second stage – ‘drought

and the possibility of more soaring temperatures before August is over, naturally everybody wants to know when we might get some proper rainfall to break up the dry spell.

Just when is it due to rain again in the UK?

That may largely depend upon where you are in the UK – although the overall picture suggests that we’re not in for a long countrywide spell of rain any time soon.

The Met Office’s forecast for the coming days suggests patchy rain in England,

although it’s a different story in Scotland and Northern Ireland which are likely to experience heavier showers.

And longer term it’s not looking promising either, with their forecast into mid-August saying ‘generally the dry weather is likely to persist across the country’.