Britney Spears never perform again

Britney Spears never perform again? This report is not true. Britney will be performing in some cities this year.

Britney Spears has not performed live in over two years, and given the recent reports of mental health struggles, it appears that her career might be coming to an end.

 Even before her most recent run in with the law, Britney's performance levels had been declining for some time.

. In fact, during her last tour she only managed to bring in a fraction of the audience that Marie Osmond brought in back in 1981.

This isn't really what audiences want anymore - they want classic rockers like Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson. 

Secondly, Britney hasn't released any new material since 2016 - which is obviously far too long for anyone trying to maintain popularity on the charts. 

 And finally, there have been numerous reports of drug abuse and mental health struggles within Spears' circle of family and friends lately..

Britney Spears never perform again