doctors can run into legal trouble under new abortion restrictions

Here's whereDoctors face unprecedented legal risks after Roe overturn. Doctors worry gray areas in new abortion bans force a choice between breaking their oath and breaking the law.

Extreme restrictions combined with tough-on-crime laws could put medical professionals in severe legal jeopardy.


The law requires the doctor to assess if these conditions are fulfilled – only then are they legally allowed to perform an abortion. Conducting an abortion ...


The amended abortion law has allowed termination of pregnancy up to 24 weeks but only for special categories of vulnerable women.

Abortion is said to be safe if it is done with a method recommended by the World Health Organization that is appropriate to the duration of the ...


A court has blocked a requirement that would have required the agreement with another physician who has privileges to be renewed annually and filed in every


The Court has held that a state cannot ban abortion outright before fetal viability, and if restrictions are placed on postviability abortion

Criminalisation of abortion results in a “chilling effect”, whereby medical professionals may not understand the bounds of the law or may apply the restrictions ...

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