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Bret Michaels hospitalized, 'Poison' show in Nashville canceled According to TMZ, who first reported the news, members from Poison stepped onstage to let the audience know that Michaels was hospitalized ...

Bret Michaels hospitalized, cancels Poison show in Nashville


What is Bret Michaels health condition? Michaels professes to have type 1 diabetes, the type of diabetes that usually develops in childhood or early adulthood (formerly known as juvenile diabetes).


Why was Bret Michaels hospitalized? He had a brain hemorrhage which required an operation in 2010, according to People. Shortly thereafter, the Rock of Love star underwent another surgery,

Michaels received the injury following Poison's opening performance with the cast of Rock of Ages when his head collided with a piece of the set;


What caused Bret Michaels brain hemorrhage? Bret Michaels and organizers of the Tony Awards have settled a lawsuit filed by the rocker after a 2009 incident in which he was hit in the head with a set piece and suffered injuries that he claimed contributed to a brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him.


A tragic turn of events has landed Bret Michaels back in the hospital. The 47-year-old Poison rocker/reality TV star has been hospitalized after suffering a "warning stroke" known as a transient ischemic attack, according to a statement posted on his website Thursday afternoon.

Did Bret Michaels get hit in the head? A Critical Head Injury The blow fractured Michaels' nose, cut his lip, and according to show host Neil Patrick Harris, brought new meaning to the term “headbanging.”

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