American Airlines couldn't find a passenger's bag 

An American Airlines passenger become advised that his baggage could not be observed after his flight became canceled at Ronald Reagan airport in Washington, DC.

Ben Werner, 38, said the airline informed him it did no longer recognize in which his baggage become, even though it had by no means left the airport.

Werner and his spouse have been due to fly to New Orleans on Thursday, but the flight became delayed after which canceled. About 15 mins before the scheduled departure time of 3.30 p.M.,

passengers already on the aircraft have been informed that no pilot become available so it turned into not on time by an hour. Related video: American Airlines passenger:

Blood become ‘walking down my face’ after intense turbulence on flight Passengers waited on the aircraft for approximately 3 and a half of hours after the pilot arrived best to be instructed about 7.30 p.M.

Close to nighttime protection officers informed passengers that luggage declare area turned into ultimate and they need to return the next day to retrieve their lacking baggage.

"Security changed into known as down before they made the statement that no one could get their luggage till day after today in anticipation of a mob scene because lots of human beings have been very disillusioned, cursing and crying," Werner said.

He said they spent about 12 hours at the airport and felt the situation was "extremely mismanaged", with American Airlines being "completely understaffed".

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