A midsummer fire in California expands to nearly

Midsummer fires are a natural phenomenon that occur primarily in California. However, the Soberanes Fire, which started on July 25,

 has quickly become one of the most destructive fires in California history. At least 23 people have died,

over 150 homes have been destroyed, and thousands of acres have been consumed by the fire.

As of this writing, the Soberanes Fire is 87% contained, but it's already caused massive economic damage and is expected to continue doing so for months to come. I

 If you're someone who lives in or near California, now is a good time to prepare for fire season.

Midsummer fires are an annual event in California that typically last for a few days. 

But this year, the fire has been going on for much longer - and it's not expected to stop anytime soon. 

So far, the fire has scorched over 5,000 acres of land, destroyed at least five homes, and forced the evacuation of over 2,000 people.

What is causing midsummer fires to become so destructive?

And how can we prevent them from happening in the future?