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Any insurance including life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, or travel insurance”, plan is not availed on loan. Not only this, even if the premium is paid by a third party, the ‘subsidy’ is not given to the customer by the insurance company. Because the insurance premium is paid by another person’s credit card. , cannot be paid by cheque’ or accepted. The insurance premium is determined according to the plan type. There are different categories like platinum, gold, and silver and the premium has to be paid accordingly. Insurance plan has numerous benefits and realizing their importance, many citizens are also aware of taking out insurance. Even though the business is growing rapidly, there is still apathy among the people from the low-income group or the poor group of society to get insurance.

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Insurance will reach everyone

Efforts are made by the government to ensure that the benefits of insurance reach every individual. The insurance regulatory body ‘IRD’ also works as per government policy and formulates measures. EIRDA is dedicated to coming up with such schemes to make the poor and common people bear the burden of insurance premiums and meet their needs. IRDA has introduced a new scheme in this category, according to which a person wishes to purchase an insurance plan. But if you change your mind because of not being able to pay the installments, the plan is also beneficial for such churches. If the new scheme of ‘IRDA’ is implemented, then the concerned person will have at least one life insurance policy no matter how poor he is. Let’s assess the preparations made by ‘IRDA’ in this regard.

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Loan to be availed to pay the insurance premium

‘IRDA’ organization is working on such a scheme, according to which a person is thinking of buying an insurance policy; But even if he does not have the money to pay the premium, he can still purchase an insurance policy under this scheme. ‘IRDA’ organization is working on planning to provide loan facilities to people to pay installments. IRDA will help keep the policy active by providing the facility to pay premiums through this medium. Also, this scheme is being implemented to prevent premature closure of the policy and to provide insurance benefits to the needy. The intention behind this is that the people from the poor sections also get the benefit of the insurance scheme. If we consider America and Europe, the insurance market there is quite extensive. In a developing economy like India, insurance penetration is low due to a large number of people in the lower income group. That is why such a change is being made by ‘RDA’.

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There is no other option for insurance.

An insurance plan is essential to protect the family, themselves, and the future from an environment of uncertainty. Not only this, insurance plans work to provide financial support to the heirs or dependent members in the event of an unfortunate event. If a person falls ill suddenly, then the insurance plan helps. If you have the right life insurance, term insurance, or health insurance policy, you can stay free from future stress. Although the insurance plan is valuable, some people cannot afford the insurance plan. Because they don’t have money to pay the installments. With the efforts of the insurance regulator RDA, the problem is expected to be resolved soon.

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Benefits of installment based loan also

Implementation of the system will reduce the non-renewal of insurance. At the same time, those who are deprived of the insurance plan can also take the insurance plan. Because they can easily buy insurance policies under the new rules. Also, the insurance plan lapse rate will be less. With the continuation of the insurance, the customer can continue to benefit from the scheme and there will be no problem in the settlement of claims. Even underage customers can keep the insurance plan active through the loan facility. 7 Both retail and corporate promoters can avail of installment finance facility. Both types of customers can take out installment loans and repay them over time. So the concerned will not be burdened to pay huge installments at once.

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How will the plan be?

Under this ambitious scheme, people will get a loan for a lump-sum payment of insurance and the loan will be repaid on a monthly basis over time. This arrangement will expand the insurance scheme in the country and uninsured citizens will come under the insurance cover.

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